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By Eugene Webb

When worldviews conflict, the realm reverberates. Now a extraordinary student who has written extensively on thinkers starting from Samuel Beckett to Eric Voegelin inquires into the assets of spiritual conflict—and into methods of being spiritual that may reduce that conflict.

Worldview and Mind covers quite a lot of thinkers and hobbies to discover the relation among faith and modernity in all its complexity. Eugene Webb invokes a couple of topical matters, together with non secular terrorism, as he unfolds the phenomenon of faith in all its problems, from the variation among religion and trust to the variations among—and within—religions.

development on Karl Jaspers’s psychology of worldviews and Jean Piaget’s developmental psychology, Webb appears to be like at a large spectrum of religions—especially the heritage of Christianity, Judaism, and Islam of their a variety of forms—to discover the subjective components that usually render religions conflictual and competitive and to contemplate stipulations that would foster extra important and reconciling varieties of religiousness. He explores what mental research unearths concerning the courting among phases of mental improvement and methods of being religious—ways that variety from closed-minded literalism to open-minded tolerance. He additionally identifies subconscious and developmental hindrances to non secular adulthood and depicts the mature individual as person who participates within the secret of self-transcending love.

Webb argues that genuine faith don't need to succumb to dogmatism, or aid fanaticism, or be consigned to the levels of immature tradition. Responding to critics of faith, from Sigmund Freud to Daniel Dennett, he demonstrates that non secular traditions have extra religious intensity than those critics have granted and a better power for improvement than they think, alongside strains they could even desire. His insightful booklet proposes that, if non secular humans can step again from their traditions and think about them as partial methods of in terms of transcendent ultimacy, the world’s religions may be ready to improve a fashion of dwelling including mutual appreciation and respect.

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