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By Noëlle Vahanian

This publication goals to resume theological considering through extending and radicalizing an iconoclastic and existentialist mode of inspiration. It proposes a theology whose element of departure assumes and accepts the reviews of faith introduced through Nietzsche, Freud, Marx, and Feuerbach yet however takes theological hope heavily as a rebellious strength operating inside, yet opposed to, an anthropomorphic, phallogocentric worldview.

As a theology of language, it doesn't declare any privileged entry to a few transcendent divine essence or flooring of Being. to the contrary, for Noelle Vahanian theology is a strictly secular discourse, like several different discourse, yet conscious of its boundaries and cautious of serious promises--its personal incorporated. Its religion is this secular theological hope could be a strength opposed to the constitutive indifference of inspiration, and it's a meditative act of uprising. Aphoristic rather than argumentative, this publication bargains an unique and positive engagement with such seminal concerns as indifference, trust, insanity, and love.

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