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By Charles Darwin

Without doubt so long as guy and all different animals are seen as autonomous creations, an efficient cease is positioned to our average wish to examine so far as attainable the motives of Expression. by means of this doctrine, whatever and every thing should be both good defined; and it has proved as pernicious with admire to Expression as to each different department of ordinary heritage. With mankind a few expressions, equivalent to the bristling of the hair less than the impression of maximum terror, or the uncovering of enamel below that of livid rage, can not often be understood, other than at the trust that guy as soon as existed in a far decrease and animal-like . The neighborhood of sure expressions in special although allied species, as within the events of an analogous facial muscle mass in the course of laughter by means of guy and via a variety of monkeys, is rendered a little bit extra intelligible, if we think of their descent from a standard progenitor. He who admits on common grounds that the constitution and behavior of all animals were steadily advanced, will examine the entire topic of Expression in a brand new and engaging mild.

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