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About ICD-10 Charts

What is it?

ICD-10 Charts is a set of free training and implementation resources that streamline the entire ICD-9 to ICD-10 transition process. Join the over 80,000 hospitals and medical practices that are already using our interactive resources!

ICD-10 Charts allows any hospital or practice to make fully-personalized ICD-10 templates that can be saved, printed, and exported to their EHR. The site also offers hours of interactive ICD-10 training modules for physicians and coders. Physicians receive up to 3.0 CME credits for completion of the training course. The ICD-10 Charts ChartBuilder can be used to instantly convert and organize an unlimited number of ICD-9 codes to their respective ICD-10 codes, at the touch of a button.

Is everything really free?

Yes! ICD-10 Charts Inc. is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization and all of our services are provided totally free of charge.

We will never ask you for your credit card information or for any other form of payment. ICD10Charts was founded with the idea that transitioning to a new medical coding system should be easy and free for every medical practice in America.


Our goal is to make the transition from ICD-9 to ICD-10 fast, easy, and free for everyone.

Our Story

When Parth developed the concept for ICD-10 Charts back in 2013, the goal was just to help the small Internal Medicine practice of Parth’s father. Parth's mother, who had managed the family practice for the past 20 years, was deeply concerned with the impending transition to ICD-10. Like most, she had heard the horror stories about how ICD-10 could cause practices to shut down, so she brought her concerns to her son Parth, who was helping manage the practice before beginning medical school at Mercer University. After 7 years of working part-time in his family’s practice, Parth had extensive experience in medical coding and EHR. After hearing his mother’s fears regarding ICD-10, he began looking for ways to help. All the training systems he found on the market were either too expensive for his family’s small practice, or too rudimentary to fit their needs. It seemed to him that their only choices were to spend thousands of dollars in implementation costs or lose reimbursements for their services. Parth found the situation presented to his hard-working family unacceptable and eventually came up with an idea for a system that would help his family’s practice thrive. His idea was to create something that was so practical and user-friendly that even his parents, who had difficulty using computers, could continue to use it after he left for medical school.

Parth took his his dilemma and solution to his close friend and former college roommate, Will Pattiz. As someone with a background in marketing, Will felt well-suited to help Parth tackle the issue. Will had been working to raise awareness and promote the conservation of America’s National Parks through More Than Just Parks, a project he and his brother co-founded. Growing up with the example of his grandfather’s unrelenting devotion to his patients as a family doctor in Southern California made the project hit home with Will. So Parth hired Will's company to consult on the project.

As the project grew, the ICD-10 Charts team continued to add new consultants to help handle the thousands of medical practices using the free resources everyday. By the October ICD-10 deadline, Parth and the ICD-10 Charts team had turned an idea to help one small family practice, into something that revolutionized how hospitals and practices functioned in America.

Board of Directors
Parth Desai

Parth Desai

Chief Executive Officer

Parth is a third-year medical student at Mercer University and life-long student of medical innovation. Parth has a deeply-vested interest in protecting physicians from over-regulation and has founded multiple healthcare technology firms to achieve this goal. Parth’s true passion however, lies in the art of medicine itself, and he plans to one day spend his life practicing alongside his father and brother.

Dr. Nitin Desai M.D.

Dr. Nitin Desai M.D.

Chairman of the Board

Nitin, who was originally an Ophthalmologist in India, is currently an Internal Medicine physician in solo-practice for the past 25 years. He serves as Medical Director of the Regional Rehab Hospital and clinical professor of Internal Medicine for the Medical College of Georgia. Through his experience in diverse sectors of medicine, Dr. Desai is an expert in physician leadership and patient advocacy.

Dr. Koosh Desai M.D.

Dr. Koosh Desai M.D.

Board Member

Koosh is a resident-physician in Internal Medicine at the Medical College of Georgia, a former political marketer, and a expert in health policy. He frequently leads educational discussions centered on healthcare legislation, value-based care and MACRA. Koosh is tasked with maintaining product usability and achieving market penetration in our modern healthcare ecosystem.

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