ICD-10 Codes are Coming!


Most of us have read the numbers. How ICD-10 implementation can cost practices or hospitals anywhere from thousands of dollars to hundreds of thousands. Or how only roughly 10% of physicians and their practices are even remotely prepared for this transition to ICD-10 codes, let alone even think such a system is necessary to implement. Essentially, the entire conversation surrounding the transition to ICD-10 codes is filled with loads of ominous and menacing words, crafting the transition as the monster under your bed, ready to pounce only when you are least suspecting, quietly tucked in the metaphorical bed that is the stalling of ICD-10 implementation at your office.

To elaborate, the Nachimson Advisors conducted a study in 2008 to estimate the costs of ICD-10 implementation for small, medium, and large practices. While costs for small practices were calculated to be somewhere around $80,000 for a small practice, it was estimated to potentially be up to $2,000,000 for larger practices, with medium practices falling in the middle at just a measly $300,000. However, in 2014, the AMA decided to recalculate the estimates for ICD-10 codes. I feel it is necessary to mention that when looking at their numbers, keep in mind that the AMA is avidly against the ICD-10 implementation because of such potential costs and obstacles practices will face in ICD-10 codes transition. The AMA calculated that it could cost a small practice up to $250,000, a medium practice up to $800,000, and a large practice up to $8,000,000. These numbers are nearly triple what the Nachimson Advisors initially calculated. And while there have since been counter studies attempting to indicate that ICD-10 implementation would not necessarily cost practices hundreds of thousands, but closer to tens of thousands, one common theme is certain, preparation for ICD-10 codes could cost practices substantial amounts.

Listing off these statistics, it would seem that I too, view ICD-10 codes preparation as a menacing monster, lurking beneath with nothing but absurd piles of money to keep it at bay. However, there is one teeny, tiny, factor all these studies or articles about ICD-10 implementation forget to consider.

ICD-10 Charts is here. And that it is free. That we not only offer the ability for practices to create their own conversion charts for free, or search ICD-10 codes from ICD-9 code or description for free, or that we provide readymade templates by specialty with only relevant ICD-10 codes listed for free, but that we also offer a certified comprehensive training course in ICD-10 that is, you guessed it, completely free.

The ICD-10Charts Training Academy offers the best and most efficient training for complete ICD-10 proficiency, featuring interactive quizzes, course narration, and integration with other ICD-10Charts features, all finished off with a printable/emailable course completion certificate valid for any employer.

So consider ICD-10Charts your security blanket, snug around your feet, doubling as an impenetrable shield from any monster that may hide under your bed. We dare this monster to try and attack.